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Quincy Data Distributes the Lowest Latency Market Data Between New Jersey and Toronto-TMX - press test

Quincy Data Distributes the Lowest Latency Market Data Between New Jersey and Toronto-TMX

The QED service is fastest from NYSE/Nasdaq to TMX

2024-04-09 14:00 출처: Quincy Data

OAKLAND, Calif.--(뉴스와이어)--Quincy Data has launched the fastest market data service between the largest U.S. and Canadian equities exchanges. Quincy’s ultra-low latency QED service now distributes select content from over 200 equities and ETFs from NYSE-Arca and Nasdaq at the TMX data center in Markham, Ontario. The latency from the NYSE data center in Mahwah, NJ to Markham is less than 1.755 milliseconds (ms) one-way. The latency from Nasdaq in Carteret, NJ to TMX is less than 1.940 ms one-way.

“For years, consumers of ultra-low latency market data in Toronto have had only one option,” said Quincy Data co-founder Stephane Tyc. “We are excited to offer the fastest cross-listed market data on a level playing field to all market participants in Toronto.”

Quincy Data’s latest service reflects its ongoing commitment to serve Canadian market participants. In the coming months, Quincy and sister company McKay Brothers plan to extend their market data and private bandwidth services to Toronto’s Equinix-TR2 data center. Quincy Data also plans to distribute select TMX data in New Jersey later in 2024.

Quincy Data distributes an extensive portfolio of low latency market data globally. These services include wireless-only and hybrid wireless-fiber options. Overall, the company serves twenty-two of the largest trading centers globally, distributing data from seventeen of the most important exchanges in the world.

About Quincy Data & McKay Brothers:

Quincy Data and McKay Brothers are the leading global providers of ultra-low latency market data technology and wireless infrastructure. The companies serve the most sophisticated and successful trading firms active in the global financial markets. Quincy Data launched the QED market data service in 2012, sending select futures data from Illinois to New Jersey. Both companies’ services have grown steadily and now extend to major financial centers across North America, Europe, and Asia. Most of Quincy and McKay’s services deliver the lowest latency available. Importantly, both offer the best latency for any services on a level playing field basis to all clients. Learn more at www.quincy-data.com and www.mckay-brothers.com

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